Have you tried working out at the playground? Well, if you have not done it yet, you might as well try these easy playground exercises that you can do while your kids are having fun playing. Enjoy!

Ladder Squat

Climb halfway up a jungle gym ladder and lightly grasp the handrails. Slowly lower butt until thighs are parallel to the ground; hold for three seconds, keeping abs engaged and squeezing lower-body muscles. Carefully return to start position.

From: parents


Hook your feet into the seat of a swing set, and walk your arms out so they fall in line with your shoulders and your back is flat. Contract your abdominal muscles while pulling your knees toward your triceps and lifting up into a pike position. Make sure your arms remain straight and stationary.

From: thechalkboardmag

Toes to Bars

One of my favorite core exercises.  It’s challenging but so effective.  I hang from the monkey bars and tighten my core in order to bring my thighs towards my chest and my toes to the bar. Then I slowly lower them back down.

From: kidsstuffworld

Bench jumps

Find a park bench or step and try jumping up with both feet. Make sure you step down carefully one foot at a time before jumping again. This move can wear out your legs fast!

From: dailymom

Slide Tricep Dips

Rest the palms of your hands on the edge of a slide, fingertips facing your body, and rest your left ankle on top of your right knee. Bend your elbows towards the slide and execute a tricep dip, keeping your right knee stationary and hips high. Repeat this 12 times with the left leg up, then 12 times with the right.

From: physicalkitchness


Place your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider, with your hands in front of you as you push your baby in a swing. Sit back and down as though you’re lowering yourself into an imaginary chair. Keep your head facing straight ahead as your upper body bends forward a bit. Lower down so your thighs are as close as parallel to the ground as possible, with your knees over your ankles. Press your weight back into your heels. Return to starting position and repeat.

From: sparkpeople

Lateral Leg Lift

Stand alongside a step so it’s on your right side and place your right foot on it; rest hands on hips. Press through your right foot to raise yourself up until your right leg straightens as you simultaneously extend your left leg to the side with foot flexed. Do 12 to 15 lifts, then repeat on the other side.

From: parents

Tricep Jumps

Where you find a platform about chest height, place your hands on shoulder width apart and jump using both your legs and arms to push you until your arms are straight.

From: movenourishbelieve

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