Is yoga blocks essential when doing your daily yoga poses? Definitely! These tiny yoga blocks are helpful as they provide balance and support when doing difficult poses and stretches. Check our list on how to use yoga blocks and try it on your next yoga workout.

Pigeon pose with a yoga block

Using a block in pigeon pose can be helpful when hip or knee flexibility isn’t there or if the hip rotation or knee rotation isn’t available (usually due to bone compression in the joints). Put the edge of the block directly under the sit bone. Just like with forwarding fold, the block encourages a forward tilt of the pelvis which brings the body into proper alignment.

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Lift your Down Dog

Having extremely flexible shoulders, I spent the first half of my yoga life with my armpits nearly resting on the floor in Downward-Facing Dog—wreaking havoc on my neck and cervical spine.

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Front Leg

Your forefoot should face in front of you and don’t let the weight of your body drop on it. Engage the calf muscles to your shinbone and straighten up your knee. Also, don’t let your thigh drop on your knee but you should strongly pull your thigh upward and backward. Pull the glutes muscles of your foreleg towards the ceiling. The position of your front thigh should be centralized, and your leg should not turn sidewards. Draw the shinbone of your front leg backward and engage your calf muscle to it.

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Supported Split

Place a block or rolled-up blanket under your right hamstring. Then start to inch your left foot away from you, coming into Split. Allow all your weight to be supported by the block or blanket. If it’s too much of a stretch, make your support a little higher.

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Hero Pose With Block

Kneel on your mat with thighs perpendicular to the floor and tops of your feet facing down. Place a yoga block between your feet. Bring your inner knees together. Slide your feet apart so they are slightly wider than your hips, and press the tops of your feet evenly into the mat. Slowly sit down on the yoga block. 

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Full Split Posture

Start with the blocks on the highest height and continually lower them down as the body opens and the hips and legs release. Square the hips off to the front of the mat. Engage the front leg and keep it active throughout the pose. Stack shoulders over hips. Keep the belly area engaged to protect the low back.

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Shoulder Opener on Blocks

Start kneeling. Place two blocks in front of you and place your elbows on the blocks. 
Press your hands together in a prayer position, then release your head in between the blocks and reverse the prayer down your back. Stay here for at least 10 deep breaths.

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Elbow Butterfly

Place one block at mid-height running vertically between your shoulder blades and the other block at low height running horizontally to support your head and neck. Touch lightly behind your head with your fingertips. Open your elbows as wide as you can (ideally resting them on the ground). Hold this stretch for 5 breaths.

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